Wednesday, February 21, 2007

I'm on!

Well, turns out it's a lot harder to blog what I learn than to blog what I think. (duh!)

I will end up reviewing my notes when I get home and posting what I hope will be a much more intelligent summary next week. Today my main concern is leading the circulation sharing session this morning, which always make me a little nervous. I really look forward to it though.
I hope the turn out is good.
While you patiently wait for educational content, here is a picture of Mack,

who really was working the registration desk.

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Sunday, February 18, 2007

superconference day 1 (updated)

Love it here. It was actually warmer in CO(46F) when I arrived, than it was in Orlando (37F) when I left. Now I know what the F stands for...

Got to talk to Mack about linking to respective blogs. Read his posts on Swem Review.

The federated searching session from today was most excellent. It was the best idea to have both sirsidynix present their products and efforts and 2 different users explain their selection and implementation process of 2 different products.
main 2 points in short:
XML matters most, and more and more everyday.
It's not about the searching, it's about the FINDING!

more to come.
mood: festive, smart, anticipatory.

Since Mack really puts me to shame with his coverage of the Federated search session, I will refer you back to his post and add a few more comments from the "how will/would this work at MPOW?" stand point.
Biggest discovery point ('reality bites'): I will have to implement (read: find time, funds and acquire expertise) proxy authentication for our users to our databases before fedsearch can be done. There s a way to use the sirsidynix portal login to attempt it but not all db vendors are apt to accept it as secure. Plus, fedsearch is not going to replace native search so authentication will best be managed with one solution instead of trying to make it work separately in each.

Biggest remaining pondering point: The fed search product can be used as an entry point to all your resources, including your own catalog, so IT could be the portal also... hummmm...

Most valuable "freebie": once you set up fedsearch, you can, should, will, have the ability to add resources that are available for free. Think image seach including flickr, yahoo and google images and picassa etc...

BACK TO: It's about the finding. Think DELIVERY OF THE RESOURCES DISCOVERED, always.

Blogging conference content is hard! see you soon.

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Tuesday, February 13, 2007

to Colorado!

I'm off! Looking forward to hearing Steven, finding out about RSS feeds from my OPAC, ditto for federated searching. Will be presenting the results of the 2007 user enhancement request forum for the circulation module in a sharing session. Most of all, I will be getting my batteries charged. After all, it's not so often there is more than one library systems administrator in the room.
I will be blogging here as time allows, more likely posting to flickr.

Excited to see Colorado, to meet again with Kathi and Janet and to get together with many smart people that have been helping, mentoring and setting a good example for me for many years.

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Thursday, February 08, 2007

YouTube goodness

I know it's already everywhere, but I am in LOVE with this video
Take 5 minutes to watch it, please.
Then comment here! I'd love to hear what you thought.

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