Tuesday, April 08, 2008

UUGI day 3

circ update

floating collection features are free, we'll need the with less money for materials.
NEW good receipts for holds ARE ACTUALLY COMING large font/vertical/character suppression etc. NEED JAVA, NEED 3.2 SYMPHONY
users are doing macros locally to achieve this and have been for long time
much good in holds queue manipulation also coming (3.3)


still no receipt thru cc/paypal arghh!
but ease of test and use and good compatibility with unicorn.


The idea is to open ILS to the world, thankfully not trying to cram the world into the ILS. I think I heard that they get it.

"the e-library IS iBLink" no one seems willing to say it that clearly.

my circ sharing session went very well, got great ideas and am encouraged that the user enhancement process is viable and effective.

Joel Hahn rocks! If all of us had a Joel on or team, the state of libraries in this country would improve to levels we can't even imagine. Reminds me of John Blyberg for that reason.

So much more in my head, byt this laptop keyboard and bad chair are killing me.
Next is Steven Abram's closing session. Ill try to get a few candids there and tonight. going home tomorrow. will blog more from work next week.
My to do list id very very long upon returning from this conference. I'm excited.
check flickr

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Monday, April 07, 2008

UUGI detroit day 2

Iblink update (do you know what an iblink is?)

SD will continue development of the iBistro iLink product as a PAC. this reassured a lot of folks, me included. Long story.
nice new features announced:
my account and renew my items same page
holds delivery by mail option
keep "all on this page"
online user registration, really, no work-around!
no hold button if no copies are holdable (!) yay!!
standard CSS

Automated calling update

new language field in user account will allow calls to be made in native language
new improved text to voice engines. yay again!

Ibistro customization

I got enough info to klug code to remove the annoying display stating items are "available in ONORDER"
this will be high on the to do list

other nifty stuff some cool guys are doing:

text call number to my phone from the catalog result
what's new selection page with nice variables (branch, format timeline...)
good stats on lib value based on user count checkout count and comparing local use to system use.
integrating google booksearch content API to opac.

having fun...

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Sunday, April 06, 2008

Detroit UUGI

Hey Hey,
quickly, more later:
Preconf was great. Nice to see multiple products "side by side" and compare.
SD enterprise
Vufind = coolest, AND FREE!

Best find (how did I miss this?):
LibX, puts your library logo next to any recognizable title isbn etc in ALL webpages in the user browser.
Imagine a link to your library record in every amazon page, throughout NYT article pages etc...!!!!
I Must Do This Right Upon Return!!!

Today previews were interesting and business meeting had some controversy. Keeping thins ineresting. Gotta go.

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