Wednesday, March 23, 2011

all ends well

a way overdue post on some great things arising from a small disaster.

a previous post explained that one of our branch library had a sudden roof failure (not total, no one was hurt, thank God) and had to be closed.
Here is how we made it a great opportunity.

Some additional pillars had to be added for roof support, forcing us to relocate what was the circulation desk.

We thought to shrink the old "fortress" type desk and use smaller foot print, configurable desks that could be grouped for customer service.
The smaller footprint allowed us to place it in a more prominent, welcoming spot. That left us with significant space to dedicate to self service, and allowed us to group together holds, selfchecks, catalog/library resources, photocopy machine etc.

We still were left with enough space to re-use the old circ desk in the computer area and add a friendlier homework help desk.

The pictures below may give you an idea, (click them to enlarge) and we are always happy to have visitors or to talk about the process.

the 1st feature was already in place before but turns out to help a lot (even more) in the new configuration since library checkout limits are one of the remaining hurdles to selfservice:

patrons drop off their returns in the lobby

an old fashion checkin station with a real staff person ensures prompt credit and sorting of materials

the welcoming customer service desk
complete with swivel monitors for easy communication

self service "side" with holds, selfcheck and a "library online" station
the library online stations are replacing our old "catalog only" PCs and allow patrons to use any of the many self-service online options from placing holds to printing tax forms to ILL to brainfuse homework assistance... this one wedged between the 2 selfcheck stations sits on a recycled corner of the old circulation desk.


the old circulation desk was recycled to become a PC access/express PCs/Printing station for the public .

the quiet area was equipped with power outlets on every table for easy laptop use.


leaving the children's area, a lower deck selfcheck unit encourages use.

last, the staff side of the customer service desk equipped with re-configurable container units and shelves on wheels for adaptable purposing.

It is also quite amazing what I was able to accomplish technically with our sirsidynix unicorn/symphony ILS right out of the box, just using the standard features it offers.

Everything from managing the due dates, overdue notices and automated phone calls, to hiding and "re-showing" the collection when it was time was fairly simple for me and for the staff, only requiring some thoughts and care in preparation and execution.

I am assured that the staff and the community out there is happy with the improvements and comfortable with the changes. I do believe it is a great example of how simple changes can ease everyone's discovery, access and workload.
In my mind that is a lot accomplished.

Please comment or contact me for details, we are very proud of what we did here.

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Friday, March 18, 2011

OMG #hcod

wow, I did the math for MPOW and here are the numbers.

If this rule was to applied to physical media (printed or av)

I thought you’d like to know that this library system has
384180 items, 370878 of which circulate. (not REF etc…)

Of these 370878, 164290 have circulated more than 25 times!!!
That is 44% (right?)

#HCOD proposes “disappearing” the e-item after 26 checkouts

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