Tuesday, July 29, 2008


could not be having a better time,

carte postale

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Friday, July 18, 2008


I am now officially on vacation. I will be offline except for my flickr compulsion and all I'll be posting will be happy pictures of sunny, yummy, loving and funny moments. like this one from 2006:
what I'm looking forward to:
...back in a few weeks.

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Library Day In The Life FRIDAY

email, bloglines, flickr...

Last minute Room Reservation online payment review/meeting
we have to solve the issue of adding tax or not and then depositing it appropriately when collected.
IT can solve this by creating 2 separate payment sites, we will link to the appropriate one on our room invoices

clean some access and error logs in ILS so size don't matter while I'm away.

passed "wilson-award" on to Ron for all the manly work he does around here.

impressed by the goblin's whiteboard, I thought I'd post here how I spill out all ideas, important instructions, to-do lists and other invaluable stuff in my office:
the mess I'm leaving...
...more of the mess I'm leaving

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Library Day In The Life THURSDAY

as everyday, email, bloglines, flickr.

ILL documents review as I will "fill in" for another vacationner upon my return.This should not be a big deal since I did ILLs for years before...

wait on hold for paypal business support/open ticket on website

return all lib materials
clean finished reports list

suspend some maintenance/statistical reports I am the only one looking at.

meeting with unit to cover vacation punts, project status etc...
continue to wage a war against mosquitoes in my office (yes)
and hope they all starve to death while I am away.
late day massage to get kink out of neck before flight.

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Library Day In The Life WEDNESDAY

my account was credited in the ILS appropriately and immediately Yea!
Thanks to good SD client care help and to persistence.
Must complete automatic deposit/reports from Paypal set-up.
will be ready to launch when I return from vacation.
(along with libraryElf service, LibX toolbar and the Library's Flickr account)

meeting with capital projects for branch building expansion plan review
re: data and power for planned innovative use of AV (what else!)

take important lunch call for professional development

compile UUGI (Unicorn User Group International) circulation forum enhancement votes, analyze, rank and forward to chief moderator. ...man that was a big one!
Good thing done!

Received the "wilson winning service hoodoo doll" prize at work, take picture and blog to staff.
Be on the lookout for the next recipient to pass it on to before I leave...

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Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Library Day in the life TUESDAY

Paypal test #4,
log review, same issue, update call w/SD.

Update UUGI circulation enhancements polls/
consult with moderators for closing and other cycle arrangements
email users

turn on live video of political meeting to possibly hear of any surprise related to the budget? (sounds like they will wait for me to be away on vacation)

Attend SDI Web Video Primer by David Lee King
great one!

looked at budget to find cuts (just in case... argh...)

generate collection management lists for weeding

as always email, bloglines, flickr etc...

stayed late to put time into formatting the Blues Alliance newsletter. (done)

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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Library Day In The Life MONDAY

Afraid it will look both "hum drum" and light weight, but here it goes, day one:

back up ILS

paypal test #3
8:30 am
troubleshoot with SD

book for troops email

write faq:suspend holds, Most Wanted program.

new org chart = adjustments to mailing aliases, sirsi reports targets

vacation adjustments to sirsi maintenance/monitoring reports.
email punt receivers.

update ILS email instructions
update ILS back-up instructions
update ILS contact info

general help desk calls: workflows support/Myspace problems/dead public computer, etc...

****plan efficiency study at Branch A in back room for week following vacation.
spend min 1 hour day/each day all week.

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Friday, July 11, 2008

"day in the life" project

an invitation from Bobbi Newman

blog about it, comment about it, wiki about it.. oh my!
I love this kind of stuff, both for the fun and for the practice it provides. I hope our staff will join in too.
Next week I will be preparing for my summer vacation so it should make for some interesting variety.

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