Thursday, July 17, 2008

Library Day In The Life WEDNESDAY

my account was credited in the ILS appropriately and immediately Yea!
Thanks to good SD client care help and to persistence.
Must complete automatic deposit/reports from Paypal set-up.
will be ready to launch when I return from vacation.
(along with libraryElf service, LibX toolbar and the Library's Flickr account)

meeting with capital projects for branch building expansion plan review
re: data and power for planned innovative use of AV (what else!)

take important lunch call for professional development

compile UUGI (Unicorn User Group International) circulation forum enhancement votes, analyze, rank and forward to chief moderator. that was a big one!
Good thing done!

Received the "wilson winning service hoodoo doll" prize at work, take picture and blog to staff.
Be on the lookout for the next recipient to pass it on to before I leave...

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