Friday, December 21, 2007

Best Holiday Wishes

Best Holiday Wishes
Joyeux Noël à tous, Santé et prospérité en l'an 2008!

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Thursday, December 20, 2007

looking back

A nice year end meme (you know how I like them) thru Michael Stephens...
I traced it back as far as Marie Robinette Kowal, on live journal.

: Like Michael Stephens said:"I think we'll see this one RIPPLE across the Biblioblogosphere like crazy in the next few days.
February: Random thoughts (name dropping not so random):_Rachel Singer Gordon is really, really cool.
March: There has been a lot of talk about the latest announcement from Sirsidynix.
April: I've been slacking off, in the blogging department, lately. Big money worries here and everywhere.
May: Man, this is embarrassing. I start writing, save as draft, chicken out, repeat...
: OK, this is totally off topic, but I felt this insurmountable need to share the news... Today, I received a check from the state of Florida. Yippy!
: much talked about LIFESTYLE article in the NYT introduces us to a bunch of librarians that don't look like the ones we work with (not the ones I work with anyway...)
August: no post
September: Been busy here. You may already know how I think arranging physical space better can solve all kinds of issues in public areas.
October: read walkingpaper aaron says what I think
November: this will be my "outing" the AL post (''cause I am the AL after all, don't let imitators fool you...)
December: Yea! See, that is what we do after all... help people find their way, right?

no doubt I will be better (more insightful, more professional, more dedicated to blogging) next year

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Thursday, December 06, 2007

How appropriate!

Yea! See, that is what we do after all... help people find their way, right?

How about a GPS navigation system available for checkout?
Seems to me it makes perfect sense, whether people need it instead of an atlas for their next road trip, or to try it out before making a purchase. I love libraries that keep an open mind.
Bravo Darien.

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