Thursday, December 20, 2007

looking back

A nice year end meme (you know how I like them) thru Michael Stephens...
I traced it back as far as Marie Robinette Kowal, on live journal.

: Like Michael Stephens said:"I think we'll see this one RIPPLE across the Biblioblogosphere like crazy in the next few days.
February: Random thoughts (name dropping not so random):_Rachel Singer Gordon is really, really cool.
March: There has been a lot of talk about the latest announcement from Sirsidynix.
April: I've been slacking off, in the blogging department, lately. Big money worries here and everywhere.
May: Man, this is embarrassing. I start writing, save as draft, chicken out, repeat...
: OK, this is totally off topic, but I felt this insurmountable need to share the news... Today, I received a check from the state of Florida. Yippy!
: much talked about LIFESTYLE article in the NYT introduces us to a bunch of librarians that don't look like the ones we work with (not the ones I work with anyway...)
August: no post
September: Been busy here. You may already know how I think arranging physical space better can solve all kinds of issues in public areas.
October: read walkingpaper aaron says what I think
November: this will be my "outing" the AL post (''cause I am the AL after all, don't let imitators fool you...)
December: Yea! See, that is what we do after all... help people find their way, right?

no doubt I will be better (more insightful, more professional, more dedicated to blogging) next year

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