Monday, March 31, 2008

SirsiDynix Superconference planning

I will be attending the SirsiDynix Superconference in Detroit next weekend and plan on blogging events, contents and general impressions each day.
It shouldn't be very had to do a better job at it than last year, as I was thoroughly overwhelmed with the task then. This year, I'll carry my copy of "Tips for Conference Bloggers" and try to apply it as best I can. also, thanks to great examples such as David Lee King, I should be better equipped this year.

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Tuesday, March 04, 2008

via "Le Soleil", a bit of women trivia

in honor of International Women's Day on Saturday,
a bit of trivia.
These people brought about real big change in women's lives. Find out what.

Gregory Pincus
Léonard Corning
Hermine Cadolle
Alva J. Fisher
Dr Earl Haas
André Courrèges
Édouard Robert

Answers (in french) can be found here.
I'll publish them in english in the comments later. UNLESS YOU DO?

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