Friday, February 12, 2010

Jamie Oliver and Public Libraries ???

Cure Food Ignorance!!!
I say PLA or ALA should totally get involved and join forces with Jamie Oliver in this effort. We are in a fantastic position to deliver the message, the assistance and all the resources that go with that. IT BREAKS MY HEART TO SEE A KID CALL AN AUBERGINE A PEAR. We are such a big part of that triangle of influence.

why not have (or market in a themed series):
-kids (and YA!) programs on food (invite community farmers)
-cook book clubs
-shopping "classes" (healthy choices, money saving options)
-experts on heath and nutrition programs (focus on solving the problem)
-cooking demos? (can we use a webcam to show live details on the big screen?)
-gardening programs
-website focus on Food
-any other fun family food things...

We have connections in our communities who would LOVE to help us do this.
I know it.
When do we start?

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