Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Tuesday Tidbits

Seth speaks on what people you should listen to

sarah on neil on audio...

bobbi says everything I think (always! it's uncanny)
note the effective use of multiple supporting articles.

cris brogan on 30 minutes of time
... and if you don't know what he's talking about, you should take 30 minutes a week and learn! you will miss the train if you don't.

leadership thought

this is soooooo disgusting.

Hey! the Feel Good Librarian is writing again. Yay!

Read on LIB: staffless library

I am in love with Mike Rowe.

my favorite (of my church's creed)

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Thursday, November 19, 2009

table crumbs

I read these and thought they were good...

marketing in libraries, get yours

the cool guys quotien is reaching maximum capacity:

Lorcan Dempsey: "Community is the new content." so true.

dawn of the dreadfuls

daniel pink on TED: "...this is not a feeling, this is not a philosophy..."

good typography should be like a crystal wine goblet. ban comic sans

library technology sacred cows

creepy cool YA program

(love the altoid tin)

seems we should be able to do this easily too, and post it on our website...

better late than never...

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Monday, October 26, 2009

shameful, ugly, can I even say stupid?

an "anti-library" faction?

"Don't cry crocodile tears about people who are making $100,000 a year wiping tables and putting the books back on the shelves," Xinos smirked, apparently referencing the fired head librarian, who has advanced degrees and made $98,676 a year. He said Oak Brook had to "stop indulging people in their hobbies" and "their little, personal, private wants."
can't help but wonder what kind of library experience marked this person in their youth??? !!!

Xinos, who unsuccessfully sued to stop the building of the new library, which opened in 2002, sits on one side of the issue. He lost his election bid to be a village board member, but has been president of his home association since 1983 and worked to elect board members who agree with him about the library.

thanks (I think;) to michael stephens for thelink
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Friday, October 16, 2009

good reading

how to get rid of spyware

a free video training at AADL

the word is: don't do it!

making an effort???

best free ref sites:

how to violate HIPA and library privacy statutes at the same time!

incredible food scanning iphone app tells you when to stop eating for the day!

some of why broadband is the new divide

and another link since so many of us are working either literacy or digital divide projects:
my favorite on the topic

Dacula update:
and the gwynnett county saga continues:

and more

and more

and last

now oakland

oh no!


nice user friendly set-up, look at that color coded shelving.

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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

professional interest, meet personal joy

via the most useful LISNews feed

a press release relates to many things I am focused on because we are trying to do a version of them these days:
-digitizing an archive
-getting grants
-web design

and fills me with giddy anticipation for the day when UC Santa Cruz completes "The Virtual Terrapin Station"

and today 11/13/09, an update (thanks to Michael Casey for making my day!)

"alphanumeric! now, slow down, I don't have a doctorate."

The Daily Show With Jon StewartMon - Thurs 11p / 10c
Want Ads - Grateful Dead Archivist
Daily Show
Full Episodes
Political HumorHealth Care Crisis

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Monday, September 28, 2009

almost not business related... Google Blues

Language warning: not suitable for all ears

Rich Lyons sings with The Nouveaux Honkies
"...don't try to pick up chicks in a bar that offers wi-fi" ;)

that night Tim O'Donnell climbed on top of Mike's base and Tommy De Quattro was on deck playing drums.
I guess you had to be there...

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Tuesday, September 22, 2009

more crumbs...

I keep waiting so long these are outdated by the time I post them.

Do not miss:
the young librarians series

cool: flood maps (when the oceans rise)

free lunch:Freely Accessible Databases for the Public

cnn's take on elibraries (or not)...
but then Bobbi Newman says it best

more good stuff at Tame The Web
a library's code of conduct
(and let me say how much I support supervisors being singled out about COMMUNICATION...:
Communication will be my number one goal, so that everyone on staff understands who makes decisions, how decisions are made and what decisions they can make.)

fun via jessamyn west: the community bookcase

more fun and : whoa!

more on Gwynett budget woes

best of DLK
connecting digital and physical
(or vice versa) ...Great sign!

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Thursday, September 03, 2009

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

inspired: library contest?

you may know fl is famous for Hemingway look-alike contests...

this lovely post form the chef's widow got me thinking:
What a nice summer contest for the locals,
"Do you look like a character in a book?"
let your customer submit photos, make a flickr set, maybe even have folks vote for their favorite on your website.

then why not try to get a prize from a publisher, like an author's signed copy of the works (if possible) or something like it.

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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Help Wanted.

I was going to rant about people who'd rather die than change but then I thought better of it.

Instead let me make this post totally personal and ask for good advice from experienced people.

I am looking to totally revamp my connectivity setup and budget. Those of you who know me are aware I do not have internet at home (I have my reasons) and that I just bought a big screen TV.

In the spirit of improving and saving, I would like to reconsider my phone and cable expenses to maybe find a set up where I also have internet access without spending much more.

so here is the old/current set up:

  • phone land line: about 25$/month
  • long distance calls: about 25$/month
  • comcast cable standard: about 60$/month

potential new set-up (I think):
  • can I find a cellular provider who will allow me to keep my land line number and have unlimited data AND an internet card for my laptop?
  • who does that?
  • how much is the minimum that would cost me?

consider I could save the 50$ on the land line and I don't really mind scaling back the cable to basic with HD which I can get from comcast for less than 20$

Doesn't it sound like that may be a great improvement at a small expense?
drop land line, reduce TV add internet and cell all at once, who hoo!


...SHOULD I consider a bundle package from the cable co.?
They start pretty low (99$/month) and I get a lot more TV.
THE LIMITATIONS ON INTERNET upload and downloads seem pretty harsh...
but of course, then we don't get an extra cell (which we don't really need, my husband like the land line...)

What else is out there? I'll consider pretty much any options and it seems like there should be so much more.

Help me come up to speed and save money pleeeeeeease.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009


I am listening to the book Outliers in my car and it is blowing my mind.

watch this:

then check the book (or audio book) out.

update from 5/21/09
I keep re-playing and re-playing some passages:
"...when the world changed, they were ready."

"plane crash are most often the result of 7 errors, SEVEN!
and not errors due to lack of skills or knowledge, but failures in teamwork and COMMUNICATION... someone knew something and didn't tell someone else..."

Outliers Outliers by Malcolm Gladwell

My review

rating: 5 of 5 stars
I loved the audio read by the author. (hachette audio) Every chapter was more interesting than the one before and the 1st one about birth dates and hockey players blew me away... Definitely eye opening, very smart and clear about what it means to teach. Made me appreciate my family and the environment in which I grew up so much.loved it.

note. I kept wanting to stop the car and write down brilliant one line quotes, which of course, I never did. that's the problem with audio.

about opportunity and practice and luck: "...when the world changed, they were ready." stuck with me still.

View all my reviews.

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Friday, May 15, 2009

friday ramblings

yea yea, i am just re-posting, but mind your links, there are some cooooool things here:

innovation ingredients (stone soup anyone?)

I love a good cheeseburger

OMG lessons I needed:

thanks to meg from pointing this out:

Good news from San Jose.
I especially like the bit about funding other child safety priority, and restoring the libraries' open hours to their 2000 levels.

webcat, worldcat, localcat...!?

WorldCat Local for circulation
For libraries that catalog their collections with WorldCat and use WorldCat Local as their public interface, the local ILS serves primarily for circulation and acquisitions. The next logical step in OCLC’s strategy moves these remaining tasks into WorldCat Local, making it possible for a library to phase out its local integrated library system.
WorldCat Local for circulationFor libraries that catalog their collections with WorldCat and use WorldCat Local as their public interface, the local ILS serves primarily for circulation and acquisitions. The next logical step in OCLC’s strategy moves these remaining tasks into WorldCat Local, making it possible for a library to phase out its local integrated library system.

Everyone who's cool already knows about drop box. this screencast covers it well.

why weeding is good

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Friday, April 03, 2009


next week i'll be in dallas at the sirsidynix user group conference you'll hear from me from there, maybe more on flickr than here

here are nuggets to chew on while I'm gone:

More than Books: http://morethanbooks.ning.com/
This group created a community for midwest librarians with Ning.
They used the Ning Network help pages and community pointers to build the site. They also outlined what worked, what didn’t and what they learned. They want to encourage use of the Ning beyond class and will continue to work on it.

love this idea, soundfiles into bracelets. say what you want

st john's county uses bookletters to do patron reviews...


ROI from DLK
Guy Dobson:
He is figuring total value by mining SIRSI records on borrowing use and an averaged item price. Nice. Some patron’s library cards are worth more than $10,000 per year, because they check out so much!

the future of libraries, take it from the good folks at Darien:


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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

great trick

this is how it all comes full circle.
Jim asks a question on twitter, which gets me thinking about new uses for social networking.

just a couple of statements back and forth and my constant concern with bridging the old and the new leads me to add a simple 856 tag in the marc records of one of our non- fiction book club title, which is now an online venture in the form of a blog.

eat this! old stubborn OPAC!

I think it's pretty neat, if I may say so myself.

Now this:

Goes to this:

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Monday, March 30, 2009

a lot of lil' ramblings

I have skipped a few fridays, here is a bunch of stuff not to miss:

seth and job applications I love Seth...

DOW in perspective I love that...

WJ 23 things online summit
one of the best online event I attended.

Technologies and Savings
since I know there is never enough money, thanks Bobbi

real help for yous meetings (and mine)

Drupal resource list
from the LIB who always creates top notch resource lists

twitter advice
(i use twitter to listen in as smart people muse... it works for me)

from stephen, tech guy at staff meeting

new wireless device

the coolest

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Monday, March 23, 2009

Monday, March 09, 2009

Monday musing

Was I wrong to send this out to all the staff at MPOW?

1st AN ANSWER________________________________
I got a question this weekend which seems to be asked on a regular basis in different forms so I thought I'd share some info on AV searches/finds in our catalog. There is no good way to retrieve sensible results in an AV search. Period. You can get full lists and good results by ITEM TYPES. That is it. You cannot reliably narrow by language, by fiction or non-fiction, you cannot get only comedies nor can you trust that a subject search on cookery will lead you to all our instructional videos on cooking. The best you can do is become more familiar with what our “good” marc for movies can look like (search burn after reading) and look at the marc tags which are specific to the type of items you are searching. Rating, Genre etc. Also, become more familiar with the copy cataloguing spreadsheet created for you in the \support_services\collection shared directory. It will give you a guide in what is consistent about copy data at MPOW. I can certainly give you some tricks but I am sorry to say, none to help the weekend gang who had an issue with non-fiction CD books.

THEN, A SOAPBOX STATEMENT ;)_______________________________________________
If you care to hear it, an editorial comment:
I do believe the source of our recurring problems with av searches comes in part from a generalized lack of respect for AV materials in libraries. It manifests itself in many not so subtle and a few very subtle ways. Everywhere (some) librarians complain about the lack of value, the high amount of work and all the other pains AV items bring, such as higher theft rates, fickle format sustainability etc...

One of the most obvious means libraries have discriminated against AV is thru cataloging (or lack thereof.) Possibly because we thought this was just a fad, we never extended the breath of our talent to standardizing and polishing the cataloging of AV materials.

To this day, in marc records, we mislabel actors as authors, we use the same term for any video format whether it's recorded on tape, dvd or only exists in the digital world. We hardly make use of any subject headings, (not consistently anyway) and that's only the tip of the iceberg... think of tv series and all the volume, episode names and other challenges we face there.

From this trend, locally, we also neglected to thoroughly think our call number prefix/suffix strategy AND WE NEVER CREATED DISTINCT cat1 or 2 (general type and audience) item type and location for the fiction/non-fiction materials which are AV. That goes for ALL our AV items, not just dvds, but also books on tape/CDs, language lesson with audio components, children's music etc... Look at any copy record for any AV item and you'll find a good example of inefficient use of multiple fields data entry. Too much repeating of the same entry in different fields…

LAST A POSSIBLE SOLUTION _____________________________________________
Our best (easiest) option would (will) be to create at least new LOCATIONS for these different items "types".
After all, currently, everything with various av TYPES all shows a location of AV. Audio books, music, movies, language and instructional videos etc...

You must remember that this is not unique to us, all libraries struggle with this.

how serendipitous...

Please let me know what questions you have.

sylvie (what-did-she-eat-this-morning?)


"Change. Bring it."
-Laura Solomon, Library Geek Woes blog

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Friday, March 06, 2009


Yep, another friday comes around...
here is some of the best of what I saw this week:

too cool:
mini golf at the library


Quintessential Godin:
be fedex, dont let me (sylvie) be "that guy"

and fresh off the wire:

Her name is Maureen Clements and she is a librarian for NPR.

I wanted to let you know about a new blog we've started at NPR for librarians called As A Matter Of Fact. We hope you enjoy it. Please feel free to share your comments, ideas etc. We'd love to hear them. You can also follow us on twitter under the moniker NPRLibrary.
Thanks so much. We look forward to seeing you in the blog-o-shere!
Maureen Clements
Librarian (and now blogger)
National Public Radio
635 Massachusetts Ave, NW
Washington, DC 20001

also, finally,
my bucklette came
I'm psyched. But wait, what flickr? "I'm the only person who has used "bucklette" as a tag."
...not for long I hope.

PS: I found bucklette reading the great Popgadget blog
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Friday, February 27, 2009


It must be Friday...

history of the internet

complete simple 8 minutes!

keep libraries free

don't you love "Indexed"?

more finds from Stephen's Lighthouse (YOU SHOULD BE READING THIS BLOG BY NOW ;)
watch all the way thru... (it's less than 2 minutes.)
The Dumbest Generation

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Tuesday, February 24, 2009

tid bits I collect and send to staff on fridays

information (via Stephen's lighthouse)

graphic novels
2008's 5 best according to NPR

DLK's crib notes
frm Levine's gaming presentation.
Doesnt't it make you wan to PLAY!

More from Stephen...
read carefully
I love that we really ARE the GREENEST DEPARTMENT of all.

now this just blows my mind as a cookbook collector, i am a little freaked out.


wow I just love this, I always try to shop indie... thanks for the link James W Hall.

solinet / palinet merger
'cause I know i should care more.

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Monday, February 16, 2009

flickr widget

You all know by now that my very favorite social tool is flickr. I really really dig it and am unfortunatly quite codependant by now.
Thanks to Aaron Schmidt for pointing out this cool widget

Roy Tanck's Flick Widget requires Flash Player 9 or better.

Get this widget at roytanck.com

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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

lovely charts

thanks to many bloggers and twitters, I discovered Lovely Charts.
I have already made good use of it fort this month's efficiency project.

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Thursday, February 05, 2009


Just want to cry.

...commission could theoretically reach that target by cutting both the Library and Parks and Recreation departments in their entirety in order to avoid closing fire rescue stations and laying off deputies, county administrators said....

read more of what's what for MPOW in today's local paper

my favorite is the sheriff stating:
“I’m surprised that the downfall in the economy hasn’t resulted in more of an increase in crime than it has. I was expecting more violent crime and burglaries ... and we may see it yet.”
to justify refusing to cut one red cent from his budget,
forgetting that without parks and libraries, he just may get his wish.

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Friday, January 30, 2009

librarian rockstar

Congratulations Michael. You ARE hot!
and thanks for getting so many of us started.

PS funny how a geek remains a geek even when he's a rockstar, no?
please checkout Tame The Web
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Friday, January 23, 2009

Library "Day-in-the-Life" round 2

I encourage you to participate in Bobbi Newman's "Library Day In The Life" project round 2. I did have a lot of fun with it last year.

It's a great example of why I think all this 2.0 stuff is great;
It allows you to work with many many leaders in the profession.
This is how one gets better, by working with the best.

also may introduce you to blogging, wikis and more, oh my!

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Friday, January 16, 2009


Via Chris, who got it from Helene.
I found this particularly brilliant (and on so many levels...)

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