Wednesday, February 27, 2008

beauty, and brains

via Des Bibilotheques 2.0 (i'm so glad I can read french)
a fantastic library website, that includes:
visual search
RSS feed for new items,
Meebo chat
Top5 databases (great idea!)
and so much more...

Bright, colorful and intuitive.
so cool.

Chapeau La Mediathèque ESC Lille!

ESC Lille website or WOW 2.0
cheaters can view the english version of the site here

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Friday, February 22, 2008

my Tech-Nots

Following in the brilliant footsteps of Rochelle, Jenna, Laura and Jessamyn; here is a great li'l meme. It inspired me 'cause, well, I have a lot of things to confess myself.
I guess my theme would be "Monday to Friday Geek"
1- I do not own a computer. I tell folks I have 249 too many at work, I don't need one at my house. Sitting in front of one 40 + hours/week seems enough for me.
2- ...goes without saying, I don't have a high speed connection at home either. But it means that when I bring a laptop home to do work, I can only connect via modem and it just is no fun at all.
3- I refuse to record stuff from TV. I watch too much TV as it is, I am not going to start a backlog.
4- I love to watch TV. food network, animal planet, travel channel...
5- I have misplaced my mp3 player 10 months ago and I don't really miss it.
6- If work didn't make me carry one, I would not have a cell phone. I never call anyone on mine and rarely get incoming calls.
7- The only computer game I have ever played was some sort of pac-man wannabe on a Commodore 64.
8- I could probably go on and on... (better stop now)

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Monday, February 11, 2008

improve your resume

Improve your resume,
highlight your library use.

after reading Seth today,
and considering how much potential the "help job seekers" part of our mission has...
why not
-Use the "Let employers know you know how, include: registered library user since 19xx" line to improve our brand.

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