Friday, February 22, 2008

my Tech-Nots

Following in the brilliant footsteps of Rochelle, Jenna, Laura and Jessamyn; here is a great li'l meme. It inspired me 'cause, well, I have a lot of things to confess myself.
I guess my theme would be "Monday to Friday Geek"
1- I do not own a computer. I tell folks I have 249 too many at work, I don't need one at my house. Sitting in front of one 40 + hours/week seems enough for me.
2- ...goes without saying, I don't have a high speed connection at home either. But it means that when I bring a laptop home to do work, I can only connect via modem and it just is no fun at all.
3- I refuse to record stuff from TV. I watch too much TV as it is, I am not going to start a backlog.
4- I love to watch TV. food network, animal planet, travel channel...
5- I have misplaced my mp3 player 10 months ago and I don't really miss it.
6- If work didn't make me carry one, I would not have a cell phone. I never call anyone on mine and rarely get incoming calls.
7- The only computer game I have ever played was some sort of pac-man wannabe on a Commodore 64.
8- I could probably go on and on... (better stop now)

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