Tuesday, September 22, 2009

more crumbs...

I keep waiting so long these are outdated by the time I post them.

Do not miss:
the young librarians series

cool: flood maps (when the oceans rise)

free lunch:Freely Accessible Databases for the Public

cnn's take on elibraries (or not)...
but then Bobbi Newman says it best

more good stuff at Tame The Web
a library's code of conduct
(and let me say how much I support supervisors being singled out about COMMUNICATION...:
Communication will be my number one goal, so that everyone on staff understands who makes decisions, how decisions are made and what decisions they can make.)

fun via jessamyn west: the community bookcase

more fun and : whoa!

more on Gwynett budget woes

best of DLK
connecting digital and physical
(or vice versa) ...Great sign!

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1 comment:

Bobbi Newman said...

Thanks for linking to my post about books and digital services. I don't understand why so many people see it as one or the other. They can exist side by side