Thursday, September 03, 2009

crumbs (or pebbles...?)

"some of the best of the past few weeks on the web":

adding amazon images to a worldpress blog.

very original: beat the director 5K run

geek out:
gotta love the technology that rocks the cradle

another great idea (why not in our little FL town?)

of course, we already do, but it's nice to be reminded why we should never be ashamed of it.

free ebooks

DON'T MISS an opportunity to participate in important professional reference

our favorite: the LIB
a new look, and the most brilliant tag line ever. I really wished I thought of this one, credited to Michael Porter.

outreach is dead long live outreach

Budget Woes
Dacula Branch closing

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iblee said...

Love the links -especially adding amazon images! Cool.