Thursday, February 05, 2009


Just want to cry.

...commission could theoretically reach that target by cutting both the Library and Parks and Recreation departments in their entirety in order to avoid closing fire rescue stations and laying off deputies, county administrators said....

read more of what's what for MPOW in today's local paper

my favorite is the sheriff stating:
“I’m surprised that the downfall in the economy hasn’t resulted in more of an increase in crime than it has. I was expecting more violent crime and burglaries ... and we may see it yet.”
to justify refusing to cut one red cent from his budget,
forgetting that without parks and libraries, he just may get his wish.

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1 comment:

Leigh Anne said...

Interesting that the first sentence mentions "leisure pursuits" - libraries and parks do embody that, but so much more...

Would it be melodramatic to say that these are the times that try people's souls? Probably. And yet, I seem to be misting up a bit myself. We have a long fight ahead of us to demonstrate our worth...luckily, thanks to the internets, we don't have to struggle alone, or in silence.