Thursday, June 25, 2009

Help Wanted.

I was going to rant about people who'd rather die than change but then I thought better of it.

Instead let me make this post totally personal and ask for good advice from experienced people.

I am looking to totally revamp my connectivity setup and budget. Those of you who know me are aware I do not have internet at home (I have my reasons) and that I just bought a big screen TV.

In the spirit of improving and saving, I would like to reconsider my phone and cable expenses to maybe find a set up where I also have internet access without spending much more.

so here is the old/current set up:

  • phone land line: about 25$/month
  • long distance calls: about 25$/month
  • comcast cable standard: about 60$/month

potential new set-up (I think):
  • can I find a cellular provider who will allow me to keep my land line number and have unlimited data AND an internet card for my laptop?
  • who does that?
  • how much is the minimum that would cost me?

consider I could save the 50$ on the land line and I don't really mind scaling back the cable to basic with HD which I can get from comcast for less than 20$

Doesn't it sound like that may be a great improvement at a small expense?
drop land line, reduce TV add internet and cell all at once, who hoo!


...SHOULD I consider a bundle package from the cable co.?
They start pretty low (99$/month) and I get a lot more TV.
THE LIMITATIONS ON INTERNET upload and downloads seem pretty harsh...
but of course, then we don't get an extra cell (which we don't really need, my husband like the land line...)

What else is out there? I'll consider pretty much any options and it seems like there should be so much more.

Help me come up to speed and save money pleeeeeeease.


Lissa said...

If Xohm comes to your area soon, that would work for you, I think. My friends here have great luck with it. It is a Sprint product.

Janet said...

I have had good luck with the FIOS package from Verizon. FIOS is awesome and no long distance charges on the phone. I don't have cell through them because I plan to get an iphone (soon), but very satisfied with the rest.

waltc said...

It depends so much on who your providers are. We have AT&T DSL (3MB download, .5MB upload) and landline with unlimited U.S. calling, for $60/month ($71 with fees)--plus $15 for rockbottom Comcast (which turns out not to be all that rockbottom, actually). AT&T's aggressive with bundles.

sylvie said...

ah, well, of course neither xohm nor fios are available in my area (you can't even get pizza delivered past 11 pm on the weekend around here...)

I didn't even look at ATT, thanks.
I am seriously going to drop cable to that minimum level though...