Thursday, May 18, 2006

not easy

A little Friday Philosophy...

It is not going to be easy!, I keep saying it to everyone I train, meet, talk to about emerging technology. We can't expect that it will go down PERFECTLY. Not when we innovate! It can be fun though... We must learn to appreciate and enjoy the process.

Things have been a little difficult lately at MPOW. I don't know if it's just too many changes at once, not enough comfort throughout. Personally, just like everyone, I have felt like stepping back a little. But it really doesn't help if we start some great project, and abandon it as soon as we encounter a difficulty ( read:one person complains or one thing doesn't work as well as expected.)

Thriving. I love the word. Personally, I thrive on success. I am a troubleshooter, it's in my blood, and nothing makes me happier than seeing it fixed after it was broken. That's success right there! But I also thrive on innovation, and that often takes me to the opposite side... Yes, I love to break things too. In a sick twisted way, that in itself feeds into my 1st passion right? Now that it's broke, I better fix it...
It's a vicious cycle,
no, it's a vivacious cycle.

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Anonymous said...

Don't be discouraged!. You have made good choices before and it hasn't been easy every time. Take a look at libraries in other counties near you. You are already innovative and on top of things. Good job!