Wednesday, November 08, 2006

location, location, location

It'a been my mantra of late:
"It's ALL ABOUT the real estate!"

Most time, it's no longer about the money, the technical ability or the will of management, it's about the real estate! Where would we: put it, show it, hold it etc. ?
I mean, it's not easy to get funds for new computers, but even when we have them given to us, the question remains, do we have tables, chairs, square footage (with access to power and network) ...

Here at MPOW, we have been abole to get really creative and create a YA area almost from scratch. Using shelving to create intimacy (and as noise barriers), we made it work. We stole 2 tables from the meeting rooms, 6 chairs from various public spaces (don't tell...) and I got each unit at the main library to "sacrifice" one of their PCs for the cause. Some part timers agreed to share other's staff's machines, ref reduced the number of public "catalog only" machines etc. Everyone was so great!
It is what I consider our greatest success of 2006.

View the short flickr set here

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Anonymous said...

Looks good! Are the teens using it?
That is what will spell success.

sylvie said...

oh man, they really are using it! it is full pretty much every hour that school is out. they do homework, play runescape or use other social sites...
also, it has really cut on the amount of adults complaining about the young patrons being too loud.