Friday, January 26, 2007


Lookey here:

Apparently, when I was little, I already wanted to be like John Blyberg.

More recently, not so secretly, I had been wanting to meet John Blyberg

Of course this week, I have just found myself desperately wanting to have a John Blyberg on my team. ...And don't get me wrong, in a way, I feel like I have, thanks to his generosity with his words and with his code. But man, wouldn't it be great if every library could have a programmer. Someone interested in what we want to achieve locally, someone responsive to our need for rapid change. Someone that can help us discover and unlock the potential of all the systems we have acquiredthru the years, but are not necessarily using quite as effectively as we could.

I can't code, (I have been know to type "who's your daddy" at the Unix prompt...) but I can, everyday, reach out across the gap between what computers can do, and what people expect from computers.

I am actually working half my days in public service these days, using the systems that I manage. It's really cool to get a true feel for how these actually perform.

I'll have lots to say about this soon.

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