Tuesday, November 13, 2007

my turn

this will be my "outing" the AL post (''cause I am the AL after all, don't let imitators fool you...) Here is the undeniable proof:

below find my dream sign, posted at the door of MPOW, it would be most appropriate and state my expectations of the 'patrons' unequivocally...

  • NO talking
  • NO drinking or eating
  • NO unattended children
  • NO cell phones
  • NO gaming
  • NO chatting
  • NO IM
  • NO flip flops
  • NO stupid questions

If you understand all these rules, are wearing appropriate footwear and are willing to give me the respect my education entitles me to, type your clear question on the available typewriter (NO whiteout) and leave it in the 'In Box' by the door. I may get back to you within the week if you gave appropriate references.

I mean it,
The AL.

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