Thursday, June 05, 2008

My libX

I had promised that it would be on my short list after the SirsiDynix Superconference this year. I went to a great (GRRRRREAT) pre-conference session on catalog add-ons and Bernardo Gomez from Emory presented it there. (note: I heard Mack once say that if we created a sirsi API knighthood, Bernardo would be the 1st one in.)

Long, long ago, (1999?) we go iBistro and we had the option to add a link to Amazon in the form of a BUY NOW button to title records in our catalog which had a wait list.
I remember bitching ;) that until Amazon was willing to put a library button in their results, we shouldn't do that. (which is not the reason why PTB decided against it.)

Well here it is, not official yet, not even public outside this little forum. Probably still full of bugs and certainly not ready for prime time. A way for our customer to download the firefox plugin and have our library at the tip of their finger (mouse) everywhere they browse, all the time.

Best yet will be the library icon next to every amazon record (or NYT book review title), the ability to search for any term by simple highlight, right click; AND the fact that we will have it downloaded at ALL OUR PUBLIC PCs to allow all the good Internet users to access all the rest of the resources they might have been missing out on.

Can you tell I'm excited?

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