Thursday, August 28, 2008

brain dump

before all these thoughts fall out of my head:

-EXTRAORDINARY web page redesign at Gwinnett County, why isn't everyone talking about it.

-stupid hurricane season gives my twitches, and they are now available via RSS
not sure I want Hanna in my Bloglines...

-I MISS TRAINING! I gave 1 session yesterday and it reminded me of how much smarter and better adjusted teaching makes me feel. It's incredible what I learn from the people who actually use the software/talk to the customers everyday. Not to mention that when you teach it on a regular basis, the language gets in your head and you keep the good lines at the tip of your tongue all the time. I really do miss it.

-FURNITURE MATTERS. I mean, it's not as important as people, or as information, or as cake, but really, if you are going to get some new one, you should put some thought into it. this is so cool...

-what defines an expat? Is it where you chose to live, is it the home that you miss, does it matter if you could return or not? most of all, can I find an expat bar near by? ;)

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1 comment:

Michael Casey said...

Hey, thanks for the nice comment about our new website. We're still working on it but we're very proud of how far we've come.

Michael Casey
IT Director
Gwinnett County Public Library