Tuesday, November 18, 2008

This is broken

I am very disappointed that I must shutdown our "pay your fines w/paypal" feature in our OPAC. I was so proud to have gotten it working.
Alas, there seems to be a field size issue which makes the instant crediting of user accounts unreliable when paying multiple fines at once.

This must not affect many libraries and is either very complex to address or very low priority, and all the workarounds in the world cannot make me make sense of making my users pay all their $0.50 overdue fines one at a time nor would it be wise for us to pay the paypal transaction fee on each of these.

So I had to eliminate the service today.
It makes me very sad and it makes my glass half empty.

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Hi - I'm subscribed to LibWorm's Library 2.0 feed, which is how I stumbled across your post.

Don't feel too bad. You tried something new, and it had some measure of success. That says a lot about what a great librarian you are.

Best of luck with future projects. I bet you'll have another excellent idea before you know it...


Leigh Anne Vrabel