Tuesday, January 12, 2010

getting caught up.

sorry this list goes on and on. many brilliant finds in the last few weeks.
start with my 3 absolute favorites:

what makes a person satisfied...

-for those who think the internet is killing social interactions:
how the internet enables intimacy.

and taming the paper dragon (love lifehacker)

then there is so much more:

FUN: over the years, social networks have allowed me to meet with
library people with whom I share all kinds of common personnal interest.
be it dogs, tattoos, motorcycles and of course food...
geeky foodie

Have you heard the library 2.0 gang? here is a good one to listen to

literacy, what does it mean:

free holiday ebooks

oh, oh, let's try this:

10 new librarian blog
s for you to discover

... last but not least: I love mashable

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