Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Geek, Pray, Love.

sorry to be corny but as I try to revive staff training/tech meetings...

I am thinking Geek, Pray, Love. fits the format bill just right

1 hour a month, with 20 minutes of focus on each
GEEK: tech needs NOT to be a chore, explore many fun ways people use technology to enhance their lives. I am thinking find your personal interest to explore emerging library tech like quilting blogs, tweeting chefs, coupons and qr coders etc.
PRAY: the all important "when, where and how to ask for help." review of resources, support and other means of finding help with technology.
LOVE: learn to love technology for what it can do for you. we will focus on how to leverage the technology you have so it serves YOU. as well as how to learn to love "letting machines do machine things so people can do people things."

what do you think???
please, a real comment here would be a nice change from all the spam I have been getting on this blog ;)

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1 comment:

Sheila said...

Love your analogy. However, you being a 'foodie', seems to me you will have to find a way to work that in without plagerizing the title. Also love the photo!