Monday, July 24, 2006

Wait, Wait...

I love to tell staff at MPOW that to "get in to" new technology, they should seek ways to explore them thru their own passions. I simply mean that when trying to learn about blogs, it is best to find blogs about a topic that you most enjoy reading about. Like food or wine or dogs or whatever you love to learn about that is not related to work. Don't laugh, many kept trying to tie this with all new concepts and all at once, discover blogs through reading about a technical topic they are not too familiar with (like library 2.0) or simply getting oh, hum on the whole "more stuff about work" thing.
In this spirit, I was tickled to find that one of my favorite radio shows: NPR's "Wait! Wait! Don't tell me." is now podcasting parts (Not my Job) of the show every week! Yea! I am learning about podcasts and this one is a treat.

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sylvie said...

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