Friday, December 22, 2006

5 things meme

Wow, (Yea!)
I've been tagged by Michael Casey to write 5 things you don't know about me.
Like they said before me: "If you don't care to know (and you may not) just move on!

1-I don't have a computer at home. It's true! (It is great for customer empathy.)
2-My degree is in "Art and technology of the media" with a specialty in advertising.
3-(which may explain why) I learned computing on Macs... (and that does explain why) I never missed a beat getting back into technology 15 years later in my 1st library job. (after having "not touched a thing" for all that time...)
4- Libraries are the latest field I come to after I have cycled thru every aspects of book related work, from publishing, to distributing, marketing, purchasing and retail.
5- French is my mother tongue, English is a second language to me (my husband thongue ;)

tagging: The Illustrated Librarian, the goblin in the library, Mack, Stephen Abram and Rochelle

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