Wednesday, December 13, 2006

real estate again!

I am so proud of this one. Major Branch modifications without large $ investment. Enhancing the value that our traditionnal users were feeling like they were loosing by creating a true quiet area, making teens more comfortable by putting them in a space where they are affecting others less, and library staff happier to have them closer by, so they can be available to help... And also allowing all to feature/discover/enjoy the great new services and stuff we have.
See my flickr set on a branch transformation.

I'm all giddy.
more to come

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Bruit et chuchotements said...

Interesting indeed ! But it seems that there are less stacks and books AFTER... or is it just the feeling provided by these wide open spaces ?

sylvie said...

It is just that, there is actually MORE shelf space after all is said an done. It has been consolidated together, which is probably why it looks to be less. Also, my photos are not doing justice to the whole space.

sylvie said...

I just added more pictures of the stacks configuration, which were definitely missing from the set...

Anonymous said...

Love the pin-wheel formation of the computers. I've seen this used before and it does give you a feeling of privacy. The tables extending from the wall of windows is also nice. Lamps would be nice also. (cozy)
Looks like a lot of A+ ideas.