Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Michelle's prayer

In case some of you still think that social networking is not about "real life"...

Thru social networking, (probably where library people and dog lovers intersect) I was lucky to "meet" a young woman with a fresh voice who was doing her best to turn ALA on it's head (or at least remind it it had one) and to really show that the virtual world is a gift, a great tool, and the best way to allow the next generation to participate in the classic institutions (and possibly change them.)

I have read Michelle Boule's great thoughts and innovative ideas on "A Wandering Eyre" for a while now. That is where I feel like I got to know her. When she left work on pregnancy leave, I followed her to "Defying Genetics" where she shared her journey in making a family.

Michelle gave birth to a beautiful boy on May 3, which happens to be the birthday of my oldest nephew Charles. Like Charlie when he was born, Michelle's son Gideon has been in the NICU fighting the good fight. I remember so well how we felt then, and from Florida to Texas, without having ever met, I have been praying with Michelle's family much in the same way now. "My" Charlie's is 11 years old now, Gideon will be 11 days tomorrow.

This IS real life, and real human beings are now able to share it thru the virtual means we have grown to see as our ways to feel connected as humans.
What I feel most like sharing now is Michelle's prayer:
"Lord, please help Gideon’s lungs to be just a little bit better today. Please help him to have no complications today and no infections. Please watch over his doctors and nurses. Thank you for blessing of this place. Thank you for this day and the perfect, precious child you have entrusted to me. Amen"

Hoping she knows I pray it too.

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