Friday, September 12, 2008


I love to tinker, we are expanding a library to add a youth services wing, and there we plan a lot of really really cool things. one of these is a wifi cafe where we want to offer power (A/C) right in the booths. We debated how to best have powe outlet in an eating drinking surface. I tried to draw up my ides but I am not that good at it. I turned to coreboard and made this:
wi-fi cafe table
note the funny photocopy of an outlet glued to the surface made from this phototaken with my cellphone, emailed to flickr so it could be printed pronto.
I had fun. Hope the booths turn out good. Furniture folks will probably laugh at me but hopefully they get the idea and come up with a real no crumbs no coffee solution.
note the "wave" line exists in many forms in the building and other furniture.

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The.Effing.Librarian said...

are you sure there's enough leg room?
is this for one person or two people (one on each side)? can you run the wave down the middle of the table to work as a partition for privacy? (it would need to be higher). then all the wiring could be in one place.

sylvie said...

yea, you make a good point regarding legroom to slide in, AND also makes me wonder about the sharp edge on one side. we didn't want to partition the top at all for better collaboration but really the problem is my model is way off when it comes to proportions, the wavy returns are really meant to be only slightly bigger than the electric plate...