Thursday, October 30, 2008

call for help; or we want macs

I need assistance regarding support for mac deployment in public library.

As part of a branch expansion, we are planning a room dedicated to "multi-generational interactive technology"
What we envision there are a few "pods" of multimedia creation. We want to set up a podcast/music creating editing station, a movie making/editing station and a game creating/playing station.
What better tools to put there than macs? Remember we have a number of PCs available and will continue to offer those...

Now in the past, we have had help adding services thru private donors, dedicated organizations and either special prizes or funds made available thru grants. I'm afraid money is not my 1st line of expertise and I would much appreciate if anyone can help point me in the direction of potential sources or help.

1-I am waiting to hear back from the local mac user group here in the area.
2-I have looked into apple discount program but it only seem to apply to k12/higher ed institutions.
3-I already read on an apple support list that I should talk to the good folks at St-Joseph ;) which I will.
I am also thinking of contacting some local music studios to see if they would want to partner at least on the audio effort.

Does anyone out there know of any other potential contacts I should make?

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