Friday, October 31, 2008

my little push

since it's very hard to speak of PLAY at MPOW and since we are not quite ready for transparancy... (our staff blog is private, we don't twitter for work, use event pictures online etc) I have started a little tradition called friday fifteen, where I point the staff (using an email message)towards a fun 2.0 typey thing.
I try never to have it be about their day to day work but always to have it relate to something we could be doing, and I try to always have it be a fun thing.

here is an example

Subject: [Dept_lib] friday fifteen (halloween edition)

watch this

Note a few things (since the video is less than 3 minutes):

-Jessamyn West is cool.
There is no questioning that, Google her and find out.
-Banking is a hot topic.
Jessamyn wonders at the number of hits that a banking tag got her little you tube video.
What do you think about tags?
-Richard Brautigan is a funny writer, too bad none of his stuff is checked out...

-You meet the weirdest people while waiting in (or waiting on) a line.


"Our job is not to convince people they need libraries. It is to convince libraries they need people."
-Nancy Dowd, The M Word Blog.


Subject: [Dept_lib] friday fifteen
-read this in 1 minute,
-look it up for 4 minutes,
-then really think about it for 10 more minutes…

It’s not like we don’t have the potential to exploit this idea around here!

(cut from the Librarian In Black Blog, reporting on a Future of Libraries Conference session)

“Innovations in Reaching Older Adults” by Richard Bray, Alameda County Library
He covered the popularity of wii gaming with seniors. The Pleasanton Library has a video online showing seniors playing the wii at the library. Gaming for seniors has really taken off in the last year, particularly at the senior centers or VA facilities. Games that offer physical or mental exercise are very popular. Libraries can and should take the lead as community brain fitness centers. This will help us attract boomers. He did caution against the hype of many brain fitness products. The Alameda County Library expanded its support for services for older adults. Each branch has a services for older adults coordinator. They have a committee that meets and creates programs and staff training. The classes for the public are all first given to branch staff. They average 45 people per senior-geared program. The library coordinates all of its senior work with the local senior centers. He also recommends doing a library training for each speaker or present at the library. They learn, give a better presentation, and then continue to promote the library's services in the future. His library developed a key program for seniors: Aging and Spirituality.

"The market is astonishingly quick at responding to what consumers do (and incredibly slow at reacting to what we say)." -Seth Godin

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