Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Here is a nice progress report from the Library2.0 front. Folks at MPOW were open to softening their tone (read: sign) regarding cell phone use. Here is how much progress we were able to accomplish in a few short weeks. BTW, thanks to the travelinlibrarian for providing the perfect, kindly worded example I was able to present to spur this change.

I hope that it illustrates a few things for others in the same situation. (file this under: "lesson I am learning")
1--Don't give up and do not stop reminding decision makers that there are other ways to approach any issue/policy/service.
2--Remind yourself that even if you can't be the coolest library, you don't have to be totally square!

I know I am encouraged...
Who knows, maybe one day we'll even be hot!


Michael Casey said...

This is so cool! Great determination!

aaron said...

the new sign makes me much happier, but who cares about me? it won't offend your patrons!