Tuesday, September 26, 2006

about expectations again...

Seth Godin forwards a good expample of "punish the whole for the sins of a few"

I really wonder how much they lost by having to deal with a few problems with the phone orders. How much will they loose now, by not taking phone orders at all.

It rings too familiar. At times, it's almost a reflex for some. I hear "Well... too bad some people ruin it for everyone!"
What depresses me most of all, is that much of our efforts to use technology to automate some parts of any service is so our people have more time to dedicate to the "people specific" aspects of the service.

We never implement a technology solution to eliminate a service; we wouldn't dream of it. We implement it so we can continue to serve our customers as well as they expect, even better. We like that computers are good at certain things, and we let them do those. It allows us to focus on the things that computers can't do.

This whole tragic example also reminds me of this and of the Darlene's important definition of radical trust:
Radical trust is about trusting the community. We know that abuse can happen, but we trust (radically) that the community and participation will work. In the real world, we know that vandalism happens but we still put art and sculpture up in our parks. As an online community we come up with safeguards or mechanisms that help keep open contribution and participation working.

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