Friday, September 29, 2006

More, more, Godin.

Can I possibly point to Seth Godin's blog AGAIN!

It's just uncanny how this comment about museum's marketing issues can also be applied to libraries. See for yourself:

I think in every single case, what keeps museums from being remarkable:

a. the curators think the item on display is the whole thing. As a result, they slack off and do less than they should in creating an overall story

b. they assume that visitors are focused, interested and smart. They are rarely any of the three. As a result, the visit tends to be a glossed over one, not a deep one or a transcendent one

c. science museums in particular almost beg people NOT to think.

a)it's not just about books and computers, it's about what people can do with them...
b)we have not been very good at making it easy for our users to get at what they want (my OPAC sucks too...) nevermind encouraging them to discover "what else" is out there in library land.
c)we often want people to fit in OUR organization system and we expect them not to question it... We need to invite them to create their own experiences, and ask them to help us expand the definition of libraries.

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