Monday, September 25, 2006

Motorcycles and tattoos.

Ha! Thought this may get your attention...
You know me, you know my soft spots right?

They are dangerous, they are frowned upon in many circles, but you know what? They are perfectly legal. Maybe your mom never allowed you on a motorcycle but my daddy rides one.
My point here is that there are things that some of us like and enjoy doing that others don't like, understand or want their kids to do. But no one will make sure your wish for your children are followed everywhere when you aren't there... They can walk into a convenience store and buy candy, even if you forbid it. They can ride on the back of a friend's motorcycle. And when they get to be 18, if they walk into a tattoo parlor, no one will ask: "Is this OK with your mommy?" In one of his many great blog posts or presentations, Steven Abram's points to many similarity between "keeping your children safe online" and basic good parenting as it's always been. (I paraphrase here but: dialog, education, complicity, these are the things that work!)

I like this slide

I have no children and many think this is why I don't understand...
It makes me want to cry when I see managers/mommies undertaking the betterment of the entire planet by way of treating everyone like their children. I also truly believe that most people will simply meet your expectations and if you treat your co-workers, and YOUR CUSTOMERS like big babies who cannot think for themselves, they will likely act accordingly.

And really, if the idea that "you'd rather they get the information from you than on the street corner" is still floating around in parent/teenage land; isn't the thought that maybe there is actually a library on that street corner a least a little comforting?

I guess I am really rambling now,
...more to come tomorrow.

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